The Cardiovascular Stress Test, commonly known as the Chester Step Test (CST) , has been in use for more than twenty years worldwide in various workplace environments. The test is required in scenarios where assessing the aerobic capacity is essential, such as fire, police, and military services, oil, gas, and offshore wind farm industries.

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Test length: 30 min
Test ratings: Riga: 4.9/5.0 , Klaipeda : 4.9/5.0
To ensure accurate results, it is highly recommended that you avoid consuming any food or beverage, smoking, or engaging in physical activities, such as exercising, for at least two hours prior to the test.
The price includes the certificate fee and free parking.
CST is available at these locations:
Andrejostas iela 17 K-5 , Riga, Latvia
Svajones g. 30, 94101 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Course Participant Prerequisites:
The course participants shall be medically fit, appear well-rested, and be capable of fully participating, showing no signs of fatigue, substance abuse, or sickness.
Certificate validity: 24 months