This course trains individuals to act safely and responsibly in offshore wind energy operations. It covers routine and emergency situations from shore to installation vessel. Participants gain skills to ensure safety and demonstrate proactive safety measures and effective emergency responses.


Cold Water Immersion

Lifesaving Appliances (LSA) and PPE

Transfer Practical – transfer between vessels and WTG transition piece

Practical Sea Survival (Correct use of LSA and PPE, Evacuation risks into water, Controlled entry into water from TP ladder, Individual and collective swimming techniques, life raft usage, Emergency descent)

Target Audience:

Individuals aspiring to work in the wind energy industry.

Professionals currently engaged in turbine manufacturing, wind farm development, construction, and maintenance.

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GWO BST SS / BSTR SS + BT Riga:250€
GWO BST SS / BSTR SS + BT Klaipeda:250€
Boat Transfer Riga :150€
Boat Transfer Klaipeda:150€
Course length:
GWO BST Sea Survival: 1 day.
GWO BST REFRESHER Sea Survival: 1 day.
Course ratings: Riga: 4.7/5.0 , Klaipeda : 4.8/5.0
Theoretical lessons will be provided online via the BOTC e-learning platform. Practical classes must be completed within 28 days of finishing the theoretical classes.
The price includes the WINDA fee, coffee breaks, lunch, and parking.
Courses are available at these locations:
Andrejostas iela 17 K-5 , Riga, Latvia
Svajones g. 30, 94101 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Course Participant Prerequisites:

The course participants shall be medically fit, appear well-rested, and be capable of fully participating, showing no signs of fatigue, substance abuse, or sickness.

The course participant shall have created a personal profile in WINDA, and have provided their WINDA ID prior to completing the GWO training.

When attending refresher training, the course participants must do so before the expiry of the previous training record’s validity period.
Certificate validity: 24 months