GWO certified Basic Safety Training Onshore will help you to learn basic practical skills and knowledge for correct response to an emergency and will teach you the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment, emergency equipment and procedures. You will be able to understand and control risks when working in wind industry. 


Completing this Basic Safety Training will give you the knowledge and skills you need to take care of yourself and others while working in the industry. The training will cover a range of important topics, including first aid, working at heights, manual handling, fire awareness, and emergency evacuation procedures. By completing the training, you’ll be able to rescue and give first aid to anyone who needs it in case of an emergency. The training is designed to make sure you’re prepared and confident in your ability to handle any situation that might arise.


GWO BST / BSTR Working at Heights : This course is designed to teach you safe practices for working at elevated levels.

GWO BST / BSTR First Aid : Here, you will acquire fundamental first aid skills that are applicable to offshore environments.

GWO BST / BSTR Manual Handling : This course will help you understand the proper techniques for handling loads in wind industry settings.

GWO BST / BSTR Fire Awareness : In this course, you will master fire safety measures that are specific to wind energy facilities.

Each of the four modules can be completed independently, allowing learners to tailor their training to their specific needs.

Target Audience:

Individuals aspiring to work in the wind energy industry.

Professionals currently engaged in turbine manufacturing, wind farm development, construction, and onshore maintenance.

If you have any questions or need more information please contact us: + 371 29140055, or

Course length: GWO BST ONSHORE requires 1.5 days of e-learning and 2 days of practical classes. GWO BST ONSHORE REFRESHER requires 1.5 days of e-learning and 1.5 days of practical classes.
Course ratings: Riga: 4.8/5.0 , Klaipeda : 4.7/5.0 , Kokkola : 4.9/5.0
Theoretical lessons will be provided online via the BOTC e-learning platform. Practical classes must be completed within 28 days of finishing the theoretical classes.
The price includes the WINDA fee, coffee breaks, lunch, and parking.
Courses are available at these locations:
Andrejostas iela 17 K-5 , Riga,Latvia
Svajones g. 30, 94101 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Kvikantintie 21, 67800 Kokkola, Finland
Simi Steshenkiv St, 7, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03148
Course Participant Prerequisites:

The course participants shall be medically fit, appear well-rested, and be capable of fully participating, showing no signs of fatigue, substance abuse, or sickness.

The course participant shall have created a personal profile in WINDA, and have provided their WINDA ID prior to completing the GWO training.

When attending refresher training, the course participants must do so before the expiry of the previous training record’s validity period.
Certificate validity: 24 months