This course aims to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary for the safe operation of high voltage power systems within the context of wind turbine operations. Participants will delve into the intricacies of high-voltage systems, learning essential safety protocols, operational procedures, and troubleshooting methods specific to wind turbine environments.


On completion of training, trainees will have sufficient knowledge and understanding to enable them to:

Understand the functional, operational and safety requirements for high-voltage system;

Take remedial action necessary during system faults;

Produce a switching strategy for isolating HV system components;

Select suitable apparatus for isolation and testing HV equipment;

Carry out a switching and isolation procedure on a HV system, complete with safety documentation;

Wind Turbine Power Generation and Convertor Protection


Introduction to High Voltage Systems in Wind Turbines:

Overview of high-voltage power systems within wind turbine environments.

Functional components and operational aspects of high-voltage setups.

Safety Protocols and Regulatory Compliance:

Understanding safety standards, regulations, and compliance specific to high-voltage systems.

Risk assessment and mitigation strategies in high-voltage environments.

System Faults and Emergency Response:

Identifying and responding to common system faults and emergencies in high-voltage setups.

Emergency shutdown procedures and protocols.

Switching Plans and Execution:

Development and implementation of switching strategies on high-voltage systems.

Hands-on exercises in executing switching plans using high-voltage switchboards.

Isolation and Testing Procedures:

Selection and utilization of apparatus for isolation and testing of high-voltage equipment.

Practical sessions for isolation and testing in a controlled environment.

Application of Safety Documentation:

Understanding and using safety documentation for high-voltage systems.

Ensuring accurate documentation throughout switching and isolation procedures.

Specialized Considerations in Wind Turbine Environments:

Addressing unique safety considerations specific to high-voltage systems in wind turbines.

Best practices for ensuring safe operations in wind energy settings.

Target Audience:

Ideal for engineers, supervisors, and technicians handling the electrical operation of onshore and offshore wind turbines. Suitable for those with limited electrical experience, equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in this field.

Wind Turbine Technicians: Those directly involved in the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of wind turbines.

Electrical Engineers/Technicians: Individuals specializing in electrical systems, particularly those specific to wind turbine operations.

Safety Managers/Supervisors: Professionals responsible for overseeing safety protocols and ensuring adherence to safety standards within wind turbine operations.

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HV Training PRICE:1000€
Course length: 5 days
Course ratings: Riga: 4.9/5.0
Theoretical lessons will be provided online via Zoom or in-person at the training center. Practical classes must be completed within 28 days of finishing the theoretical classes.
The price includes the certificate fee, coffee breaks, lunch, and parking.
Courses are available at these locations:
Andrejostas iela 17 K-5 , Riga,Latvia
Course Participant Prerequisites:
The course participants shall be medically fit, appear well-rested, and be capable of fully participating, showing no signs of fatigue, substance abuse, or sickness.
Certificate validity: No expiry